GIJÓN: apart from being the most populated city in Asturias, I dare say it’s the most charismatic one among the three big capital cities in our natural Paradise. Besides having one stunning urban beach, local people Will treat you like a son. Not to mention the awesome food!!! This includes the whole Asturas, though…

LA LABORAL: Laboral University of Gijón, today the City of Culture, is an unconcluded masterpiece. Its history starts during the Second Republic, as a mining orphanage for the children of deceased employees. However, its construction didn’t begin until 1946, already established the dictatorship, with a major and very different idea from the primitive project: to créate a labor university.

CAMPING DEVA: A fantastic place to organize the convention.

In Asturias we eat a lot, like crazy…we always end up completely full up. If it isn’t so, something strange is happening!

If you are a foreigner and you are able to finish off a “cachopo” by yourself, either you have Asturian ancestors or there’s no other explanation for that feat! One of the strong points of Asturias is, undoubtedly, the gastronomy. There you are a selection of the typical dishes so thay you know what to pick in this Natural Paradise.

ACCOMMODATION: you have two options: share an apartment or stay in a hotel.

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The closest airport is Ranón. The bus to Gijón leaves every hour from the airport. Once in the city, you need to take another bus to Cabueñes Hospital (lines L1-L2-L18-E71) There are also cheap flights to Santander Airport and buses from the city to Gijón.

Camping de Deva – Gijón (España)