After 5 years organising Asturlúdicas Convention and over 2 more years willing to undertake a Project on my own, I finally made up my mind!…which implied loads of visits, preparations, enquiries, searching for information, ecc, so as to accomplish such an ambitious convention in Spain.

I’ve always considered Gijón as an ideal place to hold it, for several reasons: it is a special and lovely city with superb gastronomy, welcoming people and rather economical prices.

This is how 18XX Asturias is born. This convention tries to be, beyond others in Spain, a meeting point for 18XX lovers. It’s the first time that such an event is taking place in our country, which makes it even more special; nevertheless, economic games, very close to 18XX, will also be played.

I cannot think of a better plan to spend the weekend, so I really hope you love this project as much as I do and I can cout you in.

Best wishes!

See you soon!